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Arizona Consolidated Services

(602) 595-2356

8935 N 2nd Way
Phoenix Arizona 85020

Office: 602.595.2356
SubMeter: 602.522.1113
Fax: 602.595.9059

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ACS Plumbers, Plumbing Service & Repair

Plumbing Service and Repair in Phoenix

Arizona Consolidated Services Provides Professional Plumbing Services

Arizona Consolidated Services is one of the leading brands for plumbing service in Phoenix, Arizona. Being one of the leading contractors in the industry, Arizona Consolidated Services has a professional team that can handle any type of plumbing problem and provide fast solutions for your home or office. We specialize in Plumbing repairs, water services, leaks, water and sewer inspection, finding water leak locations, repairing broken pipes, cleaning of the toilets and faucets, new construction of water and sewer pipes etc. Our professional staff and certified technicians are there for your all your plumbing services.

Whether you have an emergency plumbing condition or need assistance for the construction, maintenance or repairing of your water and sewer pipes, you can directly contact Arizona Consolidated Services for quick assistance. Our prompt and friendly staff is used to fixing and providing information to all kinds of questions our customers may ask. We will provide proper operation, service, replacement or installation of all plumbing fixtures and pipe at your home or office. When you call us, you will get the experience to get any type of repair done right the first time.

Our dedicated team will provide you with solutions to your problem and we will help you maintain a safe environment for your home or business. Our customers have trusted our expert services for years for plumbing and submetering. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company in order to provide you with the confidence to choose us as your plumbing company.

Arizona Consolidated Services is connected with many professional multi-family organizations for plumbers and the Better Business Bureau which help provide professional and qualified organizations such as ours to provide the highest standard of services. By creating the awareness of being more ecological, Arizona Consolidated Services works to safeguard the environment and at the same time conserve water resources. To relieve you from the tension of a leaky faucet, our experienced and professional plumbers will be there for you anytime you call them. We provide you the best guarantee and customer satisfaction.

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Residential Plumbing